06 Feb

WhatsApp Business – Keep business and personal separate

Clients are always looking for the fastest and easiest way to contact companies to get a response to their question fast. WhatsApp has helped businesses communicate with clients quickly and on a more personal level. However, keeping ‘Business’ from being mixed up with ‘Personal’ can be tricky, and a Sunday afternoon WhatsApp from a client can sometimes feel like an invasion on your privacy.
But thankfully, there is now a new version of WhatsApp for small businesses called WhatsApp Business, where you can keep business and personal separate. WhatsApp Business is now available for you to download for Android.

WhatsApp Business - Keep business and personal separate

The only requirement is for a separate number. This could be a problem for some businesses, but you will be pleased to hear that landline numbers also work. We have just set up WhatsApp Business for Spanglish Webs with our office number: 951 704 627 and will be redirecting all future business WhatsApp’s to this number.
WhatsApp Business is also compatible with WhatsApp Web, the app’s desktop web browser client.

Built with small businesses in mind, WhatsApp Business allows you to integrate with customers easily, send automated responses and reply quickly with pre saved messages.

WhatsApp Spanglish WebsThe new WhatsApp Business app offers you an easier and more professional way to communicate with your clients. Your business profile can be set up to show your business description, location, office hours, website and email address, offering all your basic contact details to your customer.

Quick replies can be saved and reused to quickly response to frequent client questions.

You can set up auto responses to messages to be sent out automatically when you are unable to answer, to keep your clients informed of when you will be available. And also, you can set up automated greeting messages to welcome new clients who contact you.

Insight for messages is also available, so you can keep track of messages that have been sent, delivered and read.

Stories for WhatsApp Business are also available so you can share with your clients your day-to-day work, offers and promotions. These will then disappear after 24 hours.

Business accounts will be clearly shown as businesses. In the future, businesses that have verified their account number to match their business number will receive a confirmation badge which will be shown on their profile.
It is not required to change your standard WhatsApp account to a business account, and you will still have full control of received messages.

You can download WhatsApp Business today for Android and see how your business can benefit from a more professional quick response to clients. There has been no mention of an iOS version yet. WhatsApp Business is being rolled out on a scheduled, its currently available in Spain, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the US, so if you can not download it yet, it should be available for you in the coming weeks..

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