Website Updates and Maintenace


It is important to keep your website working smoothly. This requires the website to be checked from time to time. Having a website which is never checked can result in it being hacked, broken and coming off-line. Nobody wants this to happen. It can be a nightmare to fix – if it can be fixed at all!

What are updates and maintenance?

Most of our websites are designed using the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. WordPress is a very secure way to create and keep your information, but with new vulnerabilities appearing online (viruses, being hacked) it is import to keep your website updated to the latest version of WordPress. This includes the new versions of WordPress, plugins and themes.

Once your site has been updated you may find it is not working 100%. This is when the maintenance of the site becomes important. Items on your website may need to be changed to keep up with the new updates, or layout problems may need to be fixed.

How we update and maintain your website?

All websites that have been created by Spanglish Webs and are hosted by us, are regularly checked and updated. We feel this is an important service which we offer. We keep both your website, and the server where your website is hosted, secure.

Once your website has been updated to the latest version, we will manually check the website to ensure all layout designs and features are working as they should be.

We are also able to update and maintain websites that have not been created by Spanglish Webs. If you find you have errors on your website or it is just not working as it should, please contact us.

We also offer content updates

We offer monthly plans to help you in this area. This can include changes to images, text, price lists…
Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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