Website Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a form of online marketing. It is built into the programming of your website and improves your rankings in the search engines for targeted keyword phrases.
White Hat SEO is the correct way to improve both the on-page content and off-page factors that determine search engine rankings. Optimization of a website might need to be tweaked and changed to make the most out of your site, and efforts should be undertaken with the goal of long-term and steady ranking progress using white hat SEO techniques.

Having the biggest and most expensive website is not always what you need. Over 80% of people use search engines to find information and businesses but only look at the first 3 or 4 pages of the results, therefore, it is vital your website is there.

150€ month

3 Month SEO Package

  • 3 Month of Website SEO
  • Full SEO Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Titles, Description
  • Check & fix keyword density


120€ month

6 Month SEO Package

  • 6 Month of Website SEO
  • Full SEO Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Titles, Description
  • Check & fix keyword density


50€ month

Monthly Website SEO Updates

  • Monthly newsletter created with MailChimp
  • Update of information and content on your website
  • Creation of social media posts
  • Optimize articles and blog posts on social media
  • Social bookmarks


Our main goals are to:

  • Study to find the best Meta Tags for your website
  • Focus the content of your website onto your target audience
  • Design and develop a website that is as search engine friendly as possible
  • Add unique descriptions for each page
  • Integrate the most relevant keyword phrases for your site
  • Build back links to your site from relevant and quality sites
  • Stick to W3C standards whereever possible
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of your website as required
  • Include a site map of the website for search engines
  • Intergrate Google Analytics into all websites and send you acces to a monthly report
  • Add your website to Google Maps
  • Help with the set up of automatic monthly newsletters sent with MailChimp

Improve your SEO?

  • Starting a Facebook Business page for your company and advertising your news there.
  • Opening a Twitter account and publishing news and links straight back to your website.
  • Starting a monthly newsletter and sending all your clients updates about your business.
  • Publishing comments and links to your website on other people’s blogs that are related to your topic


  • Create leaflets and leave them around your area
  • Publish adverts in local magazines
  • Business cards and Flyers
  • Pay per click adds
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Newsletters
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Start a blog to promote your site
  • Join online communities and tell people about your site

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