03 Mar

Day #3 // 10 Reasons why you need a website blog

When starting a website for your business, there is a lot to take in. Planning content for your website, design, if its user-friendly, how many languages should the website be in… But the most important part of a website and what makes it work, is the content value you offer your clients.

If you website is interesting and people come back for more, then you are on to a winner. The value of the content and how it helps your potential clients is key.

So to add value for your clients, and constantly keep them informed of what is going on, changes, tutorials, tips and tricks… a website blog is the best idea. It keeps your website fresh, updated and not to mention the positive search engine optimisation impact a regularly update blog can have on your ranking.

There are lots of business benefits and personal benefits of why you should have a blog on your website.

  1. Learn your product/service inside-out

    You are selling many items or offer a lot of services on your website, a blog allows you to write an article about each item in detail. This offers in-depth information to your client, which adds value to your website.

  2. Clarification

    When having to write about a certain item, you focus more on the item and think about it more. Writing your thoughts down can provide clarification. The positive and negative points you make in a blog post will give you more clarification when talking to clients in the future, as the information will be fresh in your mind.

  3. Genuine Knowledge

    Before you write an article for a blog post, its normal to do a bit of research first. Learning more about topics related to your business is brilliant, as its so important to keep up with the changes in business. Writing about your findings demonstrates to your visitors that you have genuine knowledge about your business.

  4. Share information

    Offering to share information about topics or items related to your business is a great way to build a relationship with your client. Being seen as a person who want to help others and offer advice is very positive when clients are deciding who to work with and where to spend their money.

  5. Finding new clients

    Well written content that adds value to your website will help your website rank higher on the search engines. This will create more traffic to your website. The more people that see your website, and learn about your products or services, the more sales you will make.

  6. Time

    Running a business means you never have time for anything else, and when you do have time off, you want to be doing something else with family or just relaxing.
    But putting 2 hours a week aside to sit down, learn more about your business and offer your visitor and clients more information, is not a waste of time. You are adding value to your business.

  7. Become an expert

    The more articles you write for your blog, the more experienced you will be come. Thus, making the whole process of sitting down to write about a new topic once a week, faster. The first few times you might feel its taking far to long and will not be worth it. But before you know it you will be writing content, add it to a new blog post and sharing it on social media in under a few hours. You’ll become a blogging expert.

  8. Be a copycat

    Being original and authentic in business is very important. Everyone is looking for the next new trend, the next new product idea or they want to become the new Facebook or Apple.
    On the other hand, why reinvent the wheel? Small and large companies invest a lot of time and money to keep their blog content fresh and constant, so they must see the benefits. So , if everyone else is doing it, copy the big guys and create a blog for your website.

  9. Grow your confidence

    Don’t shy away, you have a unique view on life and on your business. Blogging can offer you a chance to share your ideas, and to grow as a person.

  10. Speak up

    If you have something to say, say it. Get your voice heard and post it on your website blog. There will be someone out there who will read it, find it interesting and then share. Before you know it, your article could go viral!

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