17 Nov

Upgrade your website to a content management system

When you want to create your own website an online site builder, could seem like a good choice and there are so many companies around to help you create your own website, some of the big names that spring to mind are: 1 and 1, Yola, Site 2 You, Go Daddy, Webs, Coffee Cup. But is an online site builder always the write decision when it comes to design and search engine optimization?

My very first website was created with an online site builder, but there is always a drawback to using an online site builder, your website is not original and you can’t bring your own personal sparkly to the site. An online site builder won’t let you control the layout, image sizes, effects, text styles and most importantly the search engine optimization of the website.

Content Managment System WordPress


If you are going to go to the trouble of having a website, you need to make it stand out from the crowd, that it’s unique, can be edited to suit your needs and that the search engine optimization is correct for your visitors needs.

If you use an online site builder recommend that you upgrade your website to a content management system with a professional web design company who can re-design your website for you just the way you want it, and don’t have to put up with it not being perfect or bad search engine optimization. Remember, if you don’t like your website or can’t find it online, your visitors probably don’t and can’t either.

Content Managment System Joomla


A content management system is the professional choice for all web designers when creating a website. Perhaps you could call it an upgraded version of an online site builder. The different between a content management system and an online site builder is that it’s installed on your own server, therefore you have control.

Here at Spanglish Webs we develop themes and templates from scratch, which can then be installed on to your content management system, they are unique and are developed with each client in mind, from the style of the layout to the search engine optimization and keywords.

Content Managment System Drupal


The best bit is, you can login to your content management system and edit the content, just like you would have done with your online site builder.

Start a fresh new look and modernize your company or personal website and let us create the website you truly want with a content management system, you can be in control and update it whenever you want.

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