06 Aug

Update your Summer Sales on your Ecommerce Website

So how are your summer sales going? Have you hit your quarterly goals or are you struggling to make it to the end of the month? Because we are now halfway through the summer sale period here now in Spain, and if you sell anything at all, now is the perfect time to promote your products and get your brand out there to be seen by new clients.

I am often surprised with how many people have an ecommerce website, but don’t use it to its full potential. An ecommerce website is open 24/7, it can offer all the information a potential client needs to convince them to buy your product without you having to even talk to them. The possibilities are endless… you just need to know how to make your ecommerce website work for your brand and your clients.


Update your Summer Sales on your Ecommerce Website

  • Did you get your summer sales working on your online shop in the end?
  • Have you been active on social media promoting your sales?
  • Did you send out a newsletter by email to all your previous customers?

These are really important tasks to do all year round, but especially during the sale season. You need to be out there where your potential clients can see you, because otherwise they will just go to your competitors, who did advertise their summer sales on social media.

But don’t worry, there is still time to fix all the thing you haven’t done yet.
I urge you to go to your ecommerce website now, right now, test your website, make sure your sales pages are working and then share one product on your favorite social media site.

If you haven’t managed to get your summer sales working on to your ecommerce website yet, you can contact us and we can help you out with this.


Top ideas to promote ecommerce summer sales

  • Create a landing page to promote your sales
  • Write blog posts about your top summer products
  • Video summer promotions (just grab your phone and record)
  • Create a summer sale social media campaign
  • Connect your ecommerce website to your social media pages. (There is a great new plugin from WooCommerce to connect your WordPress ecommerce website to Facebook, all your products will be displayed on your Facebook business page and updated automatically.)
  • Measure ecommerce website traffic with Google Analytics (this is very important)
  • Measure newsletter engagement with MailChimp

So, if you have any questions or need help with your ecommerce website, you can leave a comment below or contact us directly.

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