04 Mar

Day #4 // Which Social Media Channels are best for your business?

These days social media is everywhere, constantly updated and accessible from anywhere. We live through technology with status updates, video messages and selfies. Not even the original SMS text message is popular now!

This has made a huge different in consumer habits. We research online for what we need and share what we find on social media to our friends and families.

But not all businesses are making the most of their consumer’s habits. To get your message out there, you need to go and be seen where your potential clients are.

Not every social media channel is suitable for every type of business, you need to find what works for you and what offers the most value to your clients. There are billions of people using social media everyday, so you need to show up, share and engage.

In an infographic from Search Engine Journal, here’s how many social media users are active on their respective sites:

Let’s go through the social media platforms and see where your business could fit in.


This platform is uses by everyone, individuals, small businesses and large corporates. You can share images, videos and gifs all in 140 characters. Why? Its a conversation. Interesting content that is short and to the point can start great conversations with other interested people.
Twitter, is well known for customer service problems. Had a problem with a big company? Tweet them, the whole world will know… they should get back to you real quick!
Good to post multiple times a day. If that sounds a lot, there are sites like Buffer, that can save Tweets and post them for you automatically at certain times.


This platform is based around photos and to be used from mobile devices. Its widely used by people in lifestyle, food, fashion and luxury brands. For your business you can have a business Instagram account, which can be connected to you business Facebook account.
Visual is key, so share good photos and 15 second videos. Posting once a day would be ideal. You can add relevant hashtags to captions and comments, but links are not clickable.
You can now also update your status live with a video or image, this is then visible to all of your contacts for 24 hours.


Do I need to explain who uses Facebook? Everyone. Great for businesses, as you can set up your own business account, create adverts, events and keep your followers up to date with status updates.
Posting one or twice a day is good.
The trick to Facebook for business is to try and connect to your clients. Don’t just sell, but inspire conversations, ask questions and share.
When sharing on Facebook, it is good to always add your website link. We recommend you use Bitly for this, not only does it shrink the link, but it offers stats on the amount of clicks on your links.


This platform is for video content. Be seen and be shared. As this is part of Google as well, video content is ranked well on search engines, so when adding titles and descriptions to videos, use keywords to help rank your video higher.


This platform is also a very visual site. Bloggers use this platform to share content with an image, and link it back to their website. Its very good if you share content about health, fashion, decor, weddings and how to do’s… This social media platform has a high percentage of female users. Posting one or twice a day is good.


This platform is used by big brands and bloggers. It has a more professional look to Facebook and hashtags have major search value. As an alternative to Facebook this platform works better for some businesses. Posting once or twice a day would be idea, always using hashtags and links back to your website content.


This platform is a professional, corporate platform. Businesses use it along with recruiters and job-seekers. From here you can share your business, past history, portfolio. Posting 2 to 4 times a week would be plenty. Connecting on LinkedIn is similar to the old fashioned networking, you can put people in contact with others, and even leave recommendations.
There is a paid version, which gives more stats and details. It can even let you see who has visited your profile.


When creating content for social media, you can often share the same on multiple platforms. If you do this, think of your followers as well, sometimes its good to keep certain content only on one platform to keep if fresh and unique.

If you need help with setting up social media accounts for you business and/or integration on to your website, please contact us.

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