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Multilingual Website Packages

Spanglish Webs is based on the Costa del Sol and over the years we have worked with a wide range of different nationalities, creating websites to suit personal needs. A common requirement for over 80% of the new websites we build, is that they are multilingual.


What is a multilingual website?

A multilingual websites needs to be able to easily switch from one language to another, allowing the visitor to view the whole website in their selected language. This experience needs to work smoothly, making is simple and clear for the visitor.
The number of languages available is totally up to you. You may require just two (English and Spanish), or you may want to add 6 different languages. Once a website is complete, additional new languages can be added easily if required.

Why should your website be multilingual?

The internet is available across the world and this means your website is too. Creating content in more languages means your website will be ranked in foreign language search engines, creating more possibilities of new visitors.

If you have an online shop and you are happy to ship internationally, building your website for international countries will help you get more clients.

Here on the Costa del Sol, we feel it is important that the different nationalities work together. Creating your website in English and Spanish is a great way to sell your products or services to the Expat. community and also to the Spanish.

Although we create multilingual websites, translation costs are never included in our prices. If you require your content to be translated, please contact us and we will recommend someone to do it for you.

If you do not wish to translate all of the website content, we can install Google Translate to your website. This allows the user to select their language from the Google Translate button and your site will be translated. Please note, this type of translation is not accurate and does not help in foreign language search engines.

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