05 Mar

Day #5 // Have fun sharing knowledge

You know more thank you think. Since you were little you have been learning new things everyday. Everyone has a passion for something, a hobby or a life experience that can help or teach others in the future. Think of all the news you read, the stories you hear, you are still learning from others constantly. So why not use the knowledge you have, and turn it into a tool you can use to help people.

Knowledge can be shared in so many different way, and you can make money from sharing what you know. If you are able to write a few paragraphs about what you know, then start writing a bit more each time. This information an be created into an article for a blog post.

To get more subscribers to your blog posts, you can share them on social media platforms. Steps to help your content be seen more is to make it more visual. Think about the images you can create for each article, giving the visitors a quick visual overall of what the blog is about. People wont read an article that looks uninteresting.

Create a video for you blog, it could just be a quick intro video, just a few minutes explaining what the blog can offer reader. Or you could do a full video version of the blog, sharing in more details the whole article.

When you are confident writing blog posts about different topics you know, or items that interest you. You can turn this information into a course.

Online courses are a great way to share knowledge, help people and earn money at the same time, even if its a small amount, its a good start.
Don’t be daunted by the big task of creating an online course, all the content is in the blogs you have written, you just need to change the wording a little and the format.

Presentations are also a good way to share your knowledge. You need to feel confident talking in public to be able make the most out of each event. If there are networking events in your area, talk to the organiser and see if you could add more value to the networking event by doing a presentation. This a great way to demonstrate your knowledge on your topic, build client confidence and creditability.

Sharing should be fun, don’t get frustrated with it.


You will also get all types of feedback. Some will be good and encouraging, making you feel good about what you are sharing. Positive feedback can help with future ideas of what could could do next. It’s great for inspiration and helps you to plan your next step to move forward out of your comfort zone and to new heights.

You will, inevitably, also received some negative feedback. You may receive comments from friends and families who don’t really understand what you are doing, or what you are try to achieve. Unhappy clients will also leave feedback, as an unhappy client is much more likely to take the time to leave a negative comment, than remember to leave a positive comment after a good experience.
Its important to be responsible and answer your clients in a positive, helpful manner. Whether its a comment about the bad service a client received, bad food at a restaurant or money disputes. Its always important to answer the client in private, Facebook is not the place to have a argument with a client. Always try to solve the problem in the shortest time, and in the best way possible.

Getting feedback is part of being online, social media and sharing. So be positive about the experience and celebrate when your blog traffic goes up, or when you get your first 1k views on a Facebook post.
Everyone has to start somewhere, keep positive and start sharing your knowledge.

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